Overland Exports

MSF as a privately owned freight forwarding company provides road/rail freight throughout the Middle East area. The experienced driver as resources facilitates our international overland services from freight hubs throughout the network providing

MSF provides highly trained operators, which includes:

Extensive trailer and trucks for that broad local coverage connecting all major freight hubs,

Planned departures and arrivals throughout Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa by overnight trucking and feeder services,

Complete range of part load and full load services,

Competitive insurance rates available

This effective operational structure enables frequent departures with minimal transit times across our overland network to and from anywhere in the UK and Ireland, all controlled by freight professionals at a local regional Hub in your area

Daily Consolidation Truck


Other than the cross-border truck service, MSL offers reliable daily consolidation truck services connecting to the other part of the Middle East from Dubai, Doha and Qatar. The service interprovincial land routing traffic to our customers in terms of economy rating

Packing and Removal


MSF offers provide packing and removal service for overseas migrants, immigrants, ex-pats and corporate. We send excess baggage and freight shipping by sea, air and road. Cartons, boxes and packing materials are provided complete shipments.

We also cater to personalized services. Our expert team analyzes the belongings and ensures the belongings are packed with right material with proper care and labeling. Preparation and processing of documents for export are made with efficiency and accuracy, thereby ensuring that goods reach their destination in sound condition.

Each and every move is monitored by a consultant who not only oversees the entire process, but also follows the customer's specific requirement.

Overland Vehicle Exports